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Oct. 7th, 2016 10:28 pm
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Yeah, so this is basically last year's letter all over again, with one new fandom added. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy last year's gifts (WHICH WERE AWESOME), it just means I'm faithful in my tastes!

I know optional details are optional and all that jazz, so if you're horrified by what I'm asking for or just can't do it for some reason that's fine. All the ships I'm looking for are at least a little bit canon, and most of them are kind of fucked up in canon, so fingers crossed that me saying I'd love to get fucked up stories about them is going to turn out okay. If you're used to writing happier versions of these guys, just try not to turn them totally fluffy? Leave room for me to imagine dark currents underneath or something. No, I don't know why I want twisted stuff for Christmas. I just do.

All of them have two prompts, one porny, one psychological. Feel free to get some psychology in your porn if you like, since so many of these are about characters who are really just messed up in one way or another.

Kinks I like include bondage, sadism and masochism, whipping/caning (but not spanking), bloodplay of all kinds, strangulation and choking (but not smothering, like with pillows or whatever), dubcon/noncon, tentacles or tentacle-like things, mind control or even better body control while the mind objects, begging when the character hates himself for wanting it(1), virgin bottoms, fisting, drugged sex, facefucking, self-torture.

Not at all keen on the humiliation/degradation side of submission, mpreg, scat or watersports or vomit, stuffing, roleplay scenarios (like ageplay/infantilization), bestiality, a/b/o, genderswap, feminization of the bottom (especially as a way of demeaning him), incest, vore, cum inflation. Safe sane consensual negotiated kink is great in real life, but I'd prefer not to get that in my fic. I don't mind teenaged characters getting it on, and I don't even mind their older partners enjoying the chance to debauch an innocent, but I don't want to see their youth itself being played up as a kink.

(1) Not looking for internalized homophobia so much as "this guy is an evil bastard I shouldn't want him to fuck me but I really really do oh my god what's wrong with me"


What it is: a bugfuck Japanese dramatic historical film about the Sengoku period

Where to get it: this is the only place I know about. If you offered this you probably own it already anyway.

Who I'm asking for: Tenmao, Mukaiya Ranbei|Mori Ranmaru

Why I'm asking for it: so, there's this moment:

Tenmao holding Ranmaru

But it isn't just your slash goggles making things look special:

Tenamo and Ranmaru kiss

And okay, so Tenmao was doing that mostly so he could spit drugged blood into Ranbei's mouth and send him COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE, but details. The historical Mori Ranmaru was actually Oda Nobunaga's lover so it isn't at all a stretch to imagine he transfers that to Tenmao when he switches allegiance. Especially when Tenmao talks about how he doesn't need guns or ships to take over Japan, he just needs Ranmaru.

Smut suggestion: Tenmao seals his dominance over Ranmaru with sex! I'm totally down with all kinds of kinkiness before they go off to burn down Mukai. Rock on with the dubcon of this whole scenario, since Ranmaru's out of his fucking head on the drugs Tenmao spat into his mouth.

Psychology suggestion: Tenmao fucking with Ranmaru's mind instead of his body, talking him into burning down Mukai. Or Ranmaru's thoughts while the attack happens, with him high as a kite and so marinated in despair that he's willing to turn around and destroy everything he was trying to protect.


What it is: Japanese history.

Where to get it: uh, in the past? I dunno, pick a history book. Or wikipedia.

Who I'm asking for: Oda Nobunaga, Mori Ranmaru

Why I'm asking for it: I like Japanese history a lot, especially this period. And actually I found out about Seven Souls in the Skull Castle because of looking for more info on Ranmaru. I'm fascinated by the way homosexuality used to be a totally accepted thing in different parts of Japanese society.

Smut suggestion: I used to assume that like the Greeks, the Japanese mostly just had intercrural sex. But while reading up on nanshoku I found out that that stuff written at the time used to talk about how uncomfortable/painful it could be for the receptive partner, so no, they had actual penetration. The idea was that the pain showed the his devotion to his lover. This means I have now head-canoned Ranmaru into being a masochist; he likes the pain, because he loves his lord so much.

Psychology suggestion: let it all go down in flames! Give me a story about Ranmaru during the Honno-ji incident, what he's thinking when Nobunaga commits seppuku and then Ranmaru does the same thing after lighting the temple on fire.


Seishirou cradling the unconscious Subaru in one arm

What it is: a seven-volume manga about a teenaged onmyoji/yin-yang magician, and his friend/love interest who actually turns out to be his sociopathic arch-nemesis.

Where to get it: there's a scanlation here if you don't mind shitty navigation.

Who I'm asking for: Sumeragi Subaru, Sakurazuka Seishirou

Why I'm asking for it: because Seishiro and Subaru are basically my ur-text for fucked-up hatesex relationships? Not that they ever actually had sex, but we can totally fix that in fic. I love the way Seishiro manipulates Subaru into falling for him, then heel-turns because he's actually a sociopath who was testing whether he's capable of anything resembling love. Survey says: nope!

Smut suggestion: I'm okay with underage sex for this fandom. Maybe Seishiro's heel-turn came in bed rather than in the hospital. Or the sex could come after Subaru knows he's evil. I'm kind of attached to the idea of Seishiro not vanishing for seven years, but showing up periodically to seduce Subaru just a little bit more each time, like starting with a kiss and scaling up through other things before actually fucking him, feeding Subaru's obsession (and resultant self-hatred) until Subaru is literally begging for it despite himself. But that's just one possible scenario, and you're welcome to do something else entirely. Anything that ends with Subaru bending over for Seishiro and knowing he shouldn't is good.

Psychology suggestions: Seishiro leaves little presents for Subaru at the site of his jobs, just to fuck with his mind. Subaru does something extreme to try to get over his feels for Seishiro and fails. Subaru after the events of the X anime, dealing with his new role.


a drawing of Vanyel Ashkevron from Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage trilogy

What it is: a really long whump-tastic fantasy series by Mercedes Lackey, but there's only one trilogy that's really relevant to this request.

Where to get it: bookstores, libraries

Who I'm asking for: Vanyel Ashkevron, Leareth

Why I'm asking for it: because seriously, Mercedes Lackey just loves to whump on her characters (Vanyel ESPECIALLY), and I eat that up with a spoon. She makes him suffer so much, and there's so much potential for angsty, angsty fic. I wrote for this fandom last year, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to break with the Japanese theme of my requests and add this one. I'd love to get some kind of AU where Vanyel goes dark, joining Leareth's side, becoming some kind of anti-Herald. I know the actual setting has, like, mystical forces that make sure Heralds are almost always good people and you'd have to figure out what to do with Yfandes in any dark!Herald Vanyel scenario, but if you can do that for me, I will love you forever.

Smut suggestion: okay, so it's no secret that Leareth wants Vanyel's ass. Turning him through some kind of creepy seduction? Yes please. You can put this into the story at any point you like, even going back to Krebain if you want. Or hell, earlier than that, before Vanyel even gets Chosen! I'd rather see some kind of super dub-con/reluctance scenario, where Vanyel finds himself wanting it more and more, instead of the straight-up rape that happens in the third book.

Psychology suggestion: basically the same thing without the sex? Leareth preying on Vanyel's pain and exhaustion, which lbr could happen at any point in the story because when is Vanyel not in pain and suffering, and persuading him to let go of all the good and shining things the Heralds represent because it just hurts too much and ends so badly.



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